DC Dual Force Best Leader Tier List

Her “Savage Vines” ability summons a recruit every two turns, providing consistent board presence. Unfortunately, her ability is outperformed by other leaders, leaving her in search of a home in the current metagame. She gives you the power to harness Magical spells for 2 charges, offering a promising resource generation. She has a decent variety of Magical Spells but not all of them directly impact the board, and their situational nature may lead to missed opportunities. Nevertheless, there are specific build-around cards for Magical spells, such as Giovanni Zatara.

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  • It involves a reasonably familiar gacha summoning system, which will be recognisable to anyone who’s played games like Seven Knights 2.
  • This ability alone can potentially clear two Recruits or clear a Recruit then go into the Leaders.
  • The ability costs 3 charges and the faction can has a lot of support via Firepower effects which increase the damage of the ability.
  • Wasting 10 attack on a recruit is pointless, and in order to directly attack the leaders, you need to clear the board, which is often not possible with only one leader.

They discuss the basics of the game and provide a brief overview of every faction and their deck archetypes, which will help you better understand the leader’s guide. Here your cheap Anarchy recruits help you get the board early. We also benefit when we empty our hand in the mid game from the Harley Quinn adrenaline effect. Note however we are not building specifically to activate this effect but we benefit from it naturally. We want to get good scaling units down early, send everything to the Leaders when we can, then use The Flash to try and secure some early Leader KO’s.

Harley Quinn

In the case of Hal Jordan, the vast majority of Green Lantern cards ask us to pay a bronze resource to be functional, which makes Hal to be forced as the leader to take advantage of them. I think Doomsday is a difficult leader to position in the tier. Due to the effect of his ability, it marks a clear strategy but at the same time, it retains some flexibility. The idea should be to eliminate an enemy leader and in a maximum of two turns finish the game eliminating the other one.

DC Dual Force tier list

At first, I had the idea of working on a tier list on specific decks, however, I think we are in a preliminary moment where we are still discovering all the possible options and combinations. That is why today, I have decided to work on a tier list focused directly on the leaders. In our previous work on this topic, my teammate SafetyBlade let us know his thoughts. Wonder Woman is possibly the best Might leader in the game, as she can buff the health of all the recruits on your board.

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Alternatively, there may still be time to sign up for the Beta from the official DC Dual Force website. Couple Hal Jordan and the Lanterns’ abilities to generate special powers with the legendary gadgets of the Batman, and you could have a combo recipe built to overwhelm your opponents on any planet. Experience epic-level combat strategy with your favorite Super Hero or Super-Villain in DC Dual Force! Team them up with a classic partner – or an unusual ally – to win the day, surrounded by an army of Recruits and in-game Actions you’ve assembled, maximizing your favorite hero’s unique abilities. Lex Luthor – Offers decent board control as well as the Arkham Inmates package. Batgirl – Take advantage of the deploy abilities to establish a good board.

The challenge is keeping him alive until you reach that stage in the game, and there are only a few leaders who can accomplish that. However, during the mid to late game, he’s able to summon massive sea creatures to flood the board and can easily overwhelm the opponent. Tyranny has some of the best Arkham Inmates and Anarchy has plenty of cheap Arkham Inmates. So here we combine this synergy with one cheap Tyranny control tools to get the board early and maintain it throughout the rest of the game. As we start to run out of cards in hand we can then rely on Harley Quinn’s ability to draw for us and keep the pressure on. It is very limited though and the deck building requirements are potentially the least flexible of all the Leaders and the ability is useful later into games.

It may be a very risky opinion, but I think that the moment when the best Poison Ivy deck is discovered is certainly going to be something to fear. It’s true that it has very little direct support, but with what we currently have, a build focused decks in DC Dual Force on hard and pure control with cyborg-leader
seems to me the best option. I think Poison Ivy is a leader that, while she may be limited to slow or control decks, her ability gives us a presence on the field, which is tremendously valuable.